Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) is a process of further inquiry into the impact assessment, taking clues from the exercise of scoping. There is, however, a fairly thin dividing line between scoping and an IEE when it comes to identification and gradation of the impact issue. IEE focuses on the assessment of impacts and identification of obvious mitigation measures. This is generally done by conducting baseline information and by collecting any available secondary data. The issues are assessed by carrying out a prediction exercise by using informal judgment, the opinion of experts, or in some occasions by using screening level mathematical models.

The IEE study thus results in the following:

  • a brief description of the expected or predicted environmental changes due to the project;
  • measures or procedures that could be implemented to avoid or reduce the impacts on the environment;
  • examination of alternatives, including the proposed action and no action;
  • additional study requirements, regulatory requirements, and other coordination requirements for the detailed EIA, if required.

Bangladesh National Authority (DoE- Department of Environment)

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