Whether in industrial or office settings, lighting in your workplace is very important. Proper light levels may increase productivity and alertness in the workplace, good lighting will create a visual environment that enables people to see, to move about safely, and to perform visual tasks efficiently, accurately, and safely without causing undue visual fatigue and discomfort. Whereas poor light levels could cause less productivity, along with health concerns.

Making sure the light-levels are perfect can really make a difference in your work environment.

To keep the people safe in your working environment, you need to maintain a standard Light Quality level in your working condition for the whole time. We need to maintain this lighting level within the legal limit to save our environment also.

National Authority (DoE), Buyer, International Funded Authority, or Agency.

Following Standard:
BNBC Standard, OSHA Guideline, etc.

Care Line Audit & Inspection Ltd. High-quality equipment & expertise resource person is to assess your facility’s light level. Now a day, most of the customers are committed to the environmental aspect. We are always and available to serve you a sustainable service.