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Appliance & Electronic Certification:

Nowadays Electrical and Electronic products are found everywhere. Our growing markets are also concern about the quality and reliability of their devices, equipment and their appliances.  Careline understands the challenges of launching electrical and electronic products to market in a timely fashion while meeting quality expectations. Electrical Safety Tests & Services will help you ensure consistent quality across a complex international supply chain.
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Certification of inspection:

For import or export usually industrial equipment, or goods required inspection certificate and that shows the product was in good and correct quantity.
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ECO Textile Certification:

Careline Eco-certification mark that the manufacturer shell maintain the quality assurance system of Eco products. The certification scheme applies to lathers, Textile, Chemicals, footwear apparel industries.
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Food services and equipment Certification:

Careline offers the most and trusted and accepted certification and registration for commercial food service equipment and restaurant all over the country.
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Building Product Certification:

Certification of building that provides an easy to understand and to show a building product meets the requirements of the Building Code. A product can be a building or construction method, building design or a building material
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Certification for Customer Product:

For global accreditations, agreements and recognitions care-line provides certification services for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and suppliers in the global marketplace.



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Food Certification:

Careline gives the food industry with audit and certification solutions against a variety of standards. Careline can ensure that your food safety solutions and systems are in monitoring with new thinking and best practice, so that safety and quality become priority with your brand.

The standards include:

  • ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management
  • ISO 28000 – Supply Chain Security Management

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Management System Certification:

Careline includes Environmental Management (ISO 14001), Quality Management (ISO 9001), Health & Safety Management (ISO45001/OHSAS 18001), Fire Alarm Commissioning, and Electronic Security ETC.