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Inspections and Audits in Bangladesh
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Care Line Audit & Inspection Ltd. accredited by Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) for Environmental Inspection in accordance with International Standard ISO/IEE 17020:2012.
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Global Operating

Careline Audit & Inspection Ltd. a joint venture with world largest Audit & Inspection firm MTIC InterCert India (Formerly Known as “TÜV INTERCERT SAAR INDIA PVT LTD”)
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Worldwide Support

Carelinebd is proud to have an extensive global network of authorized distributors to provide you with qualified.

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ISO Audit

There are a lot of great reasons to undergo an ISO audit – not least of which the ability to make sales to clients who specify that suppliers must be ISO certified.
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Social Audit

A Social Audit is a formal survey of an organization’s undertakings in social obligation. A social audit takes a gander at elements
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Technical Audit

Organizations need to know, before putting in a request, that their picked producer has the fundamental framework, frameworks, procedures and capacities to satisfy it

Why choose Careline ?

Our skills enable us to view your operation in its entirety and offer best solutions across the entire business lifecycle. Careline can help you from the onset of planning right up to decommissioning.

Optimal quality management

Our Quality Process are: quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement.

International market opportunities

Global market opportunity refers to favorable combination of circumstances, locations, or timing that offer prospects for exporting, investing, sourcing, or partnering in foreign markets

Save time and money

We will give a guarantee that you can Save time and money in Care line.


This auditing and inspection skills course will enable your to confidently carry out audits and inspections and to then collate and evaluate the findings
Inspections 95%
Certifications 70%
Verification 80%
Testing 90%
Calibrations 90%